The Primary Staffing Source Benefit.

Recruiting, Screening & Selection.

altHow do you recruit and retain great people in a competitive marketplace for talent? At PSS, we get people. We attract high-performance candidates by understanding not only their skills and strengths, but also their lifestyles, motivations and goals. Understanding people from the inside out enables us to find jobs that work for them. For you, that means workers who are focused and more productive.

But every staffing service promises they have the best employees…

How is PSS different?

  • Complete Elite
  • We only accept the best.
  • You only get the best.

Using our proven screening technologies and Working Interview program you can rest assured that we will find the High-Performance Fit of people with the complete package of skills, behavior, and integrity that’s right for you.

  • Fill urgent orders with ease.
  • Over 300 web-based skill assessments.

Providing “true talent,” however, goes beyond validating work ethic, performance capabilities, and skill sets. At PSS, every candidate must also pass our unique verification process that thoroughly confirms:

  • References are documented according to your policy
  • Skills are tested and matched to your specific need
  • Employment eligibility is verified through I-9 documentation
  • Physical limits and reasonable accommodations are investigated and recorded
  • Essential functions can be performed
  • Proper orientation is administered

In addition, every candidate must pass our Three-step application and screening process to ensure that essential job functions are matched with Associates’ abilities. If a candidate does not meet our stringent standards, they are promptly dismissed from the hiring process.

With PSS, you get the assurance,  and peace of mind you need thanks to the combined package of truth and talent.

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